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Fine Family Portraiture

  • Time passes by so fast! Studies show that people live a happier life if they are constantly reminded of good memories. Preserving family memories is one of the most valuable things you can do in life.

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  • Get $50 off your family portraits! We can only sit up to 5-families this month so hurry and call before our schedule fills up. Because once our schedule fills up this offer is no longer available.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • We PROMISE you will be completely thrilled with your family images or get 100% money back gauranteed.
  • Call 480-838-3660 for a no-obligation, no-hassle chat about the 7 things you should look for in a family photographer.

Best Photographer Tempe

Over 60-Years of Experience

  • Voted one of the Best Photographers in Phoenix by expertise.
Steve Watson School Superintendant

The atmosphere and the people… Wonderful experience. I was tired of seeing my pictures on my phone. Duke Photography has an eye for profession and editing. I was able to send pictures to relatives who were very happy to have something to fill their frame. I can’t wait to come back as my family grows and expands.

– Debra Jobink

How to Dress for Family Portraits Using Color Tones

Duke Photography offers a revolutionary Duke Photography has put together an informational page on clothing and color tones for families to prepare with before coming in for their portraits. Family photography is our specialty. Our professional family photographers are trained specifically in the field of color tone and creative environment’s so that we can continue to provide the best portraits possible.

Steve Watson School Superintendant

I enjoyed having my family here together and getting our pictures done, which, the last time we had them done was about 14-years ago, so it’s awesome. My favorite part was being with my family… and then coming here and being treated very nicely.

– Mrs. Sheets and Brea Sheets

Now Offering Family Panoramic Art

Duke Photography offers a revolutionary piece of fine portraiture called, “Family Panoramic Art”. This is a brand new piece of family art that is convenient and better than normal family photography sessions. You will get a 40-inch wide crystal clear photography product and each family can schedule their portrait session at their convenience.

Why Choose Duke Photgraphy?

Family Portrait Studio Creating Family Art Since 1950

Our speciality is in creating family art for your home.

One of the most important investments you and your family can make is preserving family memories that last a lifetime.

Do Not Waste Money Hiring an Amateur Photographer

We have heard so many horror stories about how families spending hundreds of dollars on family portraits that were washed out, not framed right, or the color saturation was off!

Quality that Lasts Forever

As we get older it is hard to remember the good times! Don’t let that happen with amazing fine family portraiture.

Pick up the phone and call 480-838-3660 and speak with a professional family photographer.

Learn More About How Duke Photography Supports the Community

How to Dress For Family Photographs

How to Dress for Family Photographs

Creating family memories is the best investment you can make. To get the most out of your investment it is important that you highly consider the type of clothing your family will wear....
Family Portraiture Art

Family Photography Art in Tempe Arizona

I enjoyed having my family here together and getting our pictures done, which, the last time we had them done was about 14-years ago, so it's awesome. My favorite part was being with my...
Family Panoramic Art Tempe

Family Panoramic Art – Convenient Large Family Portraiture

The best investment you can make is making memories. Duke Photography has over 60-years experience in providing family art. Time is passing by so fast. Do not wait another moment before...
Element of Colors: Primary Colors, Tertiary Colors, Secondary Colors and Complimentary Colors

Elements of Color – Understanding Color Groups and Definitions

Duke Photography will teach you the importance of colors, the different groups of color and what colors match. When taking portraits it is incredibly important to make sure your pick...
Phoenix Heart Ball Heart Gala

Phoenix Heart Ball Raises Over $35 Million for American Heart Association

Duke Photography has had the honor of being the photographer for the Phoenix Heart Ball for over a decade. If you are looking for a professional photographer to capture the best side of...

Beauty of Bonding: Creating Family Art for Arizona Families

For over 60-years Duke Photography has specialized fine family portraiture.

Call: 602.265.2605 and speak with a professional family photographer. You can be rest assured your family photography session is handled by the best photography studio in Arizona. You will be amazed at how harmonious a large framed portrait of your family looks nestled on your living room wall.

Steve Watson School Superintendant

I love Duke! I’ve been coming to them since my twins were born in 2010. Their photographers are miracle workers with my kids and always gets us awesome pictures. They are super patient. And I loved our Sales experience. They always work with us so I always get what I want and need. And you know what’s the best? Locally owned! Thanks, Duke for the memories you’ve already given me and the ones still to come!

– Alissa Mazanek

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