The best investment you can make is making memories. Duke Photography has over 60-years experience in providing family art.

Time is passing by so fast. Do not wait another moment. Soon, your children will be grown up, move out the house and become parents of their own. Before you know it… memories fade away and families get too busy to spend time with each other.

Family Panoramic Art Tempe

Family Photography Panoramic Art: Fine Portraiture for the Entire Family

Convenient: We now offer an one-of-a-kind family photography product that brings together family units who are separated by time and distance. Because of new digital technology, innovation and graphic artistry, it is easier than ever to capture beautiful memories of large families that everyone can enjoy.

Innovative: This is one of the most innovative panoramic art products on the market. This is not only convenient for large families but it captures each familiy’s unique expression. Duke Photography strives for a natural expression and when a large family is gathered together in one session, people can be influenced. With this new technology, everyone has their own privacy to be themselves.

Family Panoramic Art Tempe
Family Panoramic Art Tempe

6 Reasons Why Family Panoramic Art Portraiture is Right For You

  • Family groups can schedule their photography sessions at their convenience
  • Family groups will receive more aesthetically pleasing family portraits due to better natural expressions
  • Saves family time and money as digital artists work on composites rather than re-touching
  • New, exciting and trendy family art that the entire family will love
  • Our family photographers have the creative ability to capture a more natural smile
  • Lighting smaller groups helps to eliminate shadows – this cuts down on photo re-touching
  • Not sure if this new technology is in your budget? We guarantee it is! Save $50 now and call: 480.838.3660 to reserve your session.